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My name is Nicholas Dunbar. I am a web app designer and developer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. This is where I collect my thoughts on programming, design and entrepreneurship. My code and solutions are copied and pasted into hundreds of applications every month. This is my way of contributing to the world.

This blog is created to help other developers find answers on the web as quickly as possible. I try to get to the answer first and then explain it in detail later, allowing the reader to isolate what they are looking for as fast as possible. As a result, many of the articles are very short and to the point. My method is simple. When I have trouble finding an answer to a programming problem, I solve it and then post the answer. When I find something poorly explained, I post an article that tries to better explain it. I try to optimize each article for search so it can be found by people that may not know the correct terminology.

Most common topics found on this site are the following:

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Nicholas Dunbar

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