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The importance of books in a digital chop shop

You're an engineering firm. Innovation and ideas are the life blood of your business. Perhaps you are familiar with the importance of cultivating a work environment that breeds creative ideas. Many are and yet, then why are work places that code sometimes so drab? Cubicles, Grey walls and hairy men..ewe! Welcome to the new world. More and more engineering chop shops are taking on the hip look of the creative branding agency, the design firm and other peddlers of hipness. With the onset of the app marketplace, the line is blurring between engineering firm and creative agency. So when you're in between, it takes a special kind of decor with a certain "je ne sais quoi" to stay in alignment with your brand. Yes I'm talking about books..very, very nerdy books, and lots of them....on a one thousand dollar book case! (Or IKEA whichever will do). Though rapidly being replaced, by the digital media you produce, they can be a great piece of flare when you want to be hip, but don't want to betray your geeky hairy hacker roots.

Early Microsoft team

Perhaps a lone wall or a reading room decked out with books on theory, math, history of technology, computer languages, project management, collaboration, design, branding and more. Even if no one reads them, it would be an inspirational symbol to have in the office. Think of it now, the gravitas of all that knowledge, almost palatable, sending pulsating vibes of respect and intellect across the room. Though you would hope the stacks of ground-up and printed wood pulp would be useful beyond that. When looking for ways to spruce up the office don't under estimate the power of symbolism and what better respected symbol than the age old book.

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