Exposed form in block change the action URL | Drupal 6 | Views | hook_form_alter

I created an exposed filter in views that shows up in a block.
First I went to:
and set the following:
Exposed form
Exposed form in block: Yes
Exposed form style: Basic
under :
Exposed form
I set :
Exposed form in block: Yes
Exposed form style: Basic
Next I went to :
and did a text search with my browser for -default
in my case I had the block named 'view_name-default'
Then I enabled the block to show up on the same page as my view
But when I change the parameters of the form and hit 'apply' it sends me to the homepage.
So here is where you have to modify the form to make sure it is going to the right place
I put a function in one of my custom modules.

For those of you that are looking for this because your view is not responding to the exposed block when you hit apply. The reason it may not be responding is because the filter exposed as a block cannot talk to a view exposed as a block. If you want your exposed filter in a block to talk to the view then you have to have the view set to "Page" not "Block" and then use the block manager to embed the exposed form as a block into the "Page."

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