Flashcards for Sam's Teach Your Self Java in 24 Hours

A while back I was refreshing my self on my Java skills for a new job and I decided to make this flashcard deck for studying Sam's Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours 6th Edition. I used an awesome free application called Anki Droid and Anki to make the flashcard deck so I could study it on my laptop and on my Android phone. Here is an example of a screenshot from the flashcards. All the code is color-coded from the Netbeans IDE which makes it more intuitive to read and prepares the student for real live development using a Java IDE.

To use the deck you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install Anki so that you can read the flash cards
  • You can download the desktop app from here
  • You can download the Android app from here
  • Download the flashcard deck by getting the .apkg here or on the Anki shared deck site here
  • Import the deck into the app. You can do it from the desktop app using File->Import..

It takes a bit to learn to get the hang of the Anki app. It uses an adaptive learning engine so it will only quiz you on cards that you need a refresher on or don't know very well. As you learn cards it will phase them out of the stack and reduce their frequency so that you have to study less and less as you commit each card to long-term memory.

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