Installing Sabrent Networking Video an Audio Display Adapter (USB-DAH) on Mac

How to attach a second monitor to your Macbook

If you can't connect a second monitor to your Macbook because the monitor uses a VGA or DVI connector then the "Sabrent Networking Video and Audio Display Adapter" (also known as item number USB-DAH) is the product for you.

Setting up your USB 2.0 Network A/V Adapter on Your Mac (we are still talking about the USB-DAH)

Fist problem I confronted after receiving my hardware was installing the drivers. When I got the package, it came with a mini CD which does not work with the way the Mac's tray less CD drive works. If you try pushing the mini CD in you are likely to get it stuck. So the only option at this point is to download the driver.

Download the mac driver:

Run the downloaded .dmg file

Click the DisplayLink Software Installer.pkg

Restart your computer after installation of the drivers.

Connect the mini USB cable to the USB-DAH and the normal USB to your computer.

Connect VGA or DVI to monitor

Turn monitor on.

To use the networking cable you have to use a Internet enabled router. You cannot plug it directly in to the computer as far as I know.

Problems I found:
The refresh rate did not keep up with Netflix of oddly the sliding back and forth of the launch pad.

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