Review of "The History of Video Games"

Book Review: The Ultimate History of Video Games

The "Ultimate History of Video Games" is a must for any industry professional in the game industry. It is not like your boring history books because every page has direct quotes from critical game industry players. It’s more like reading an interesting story about a bunch of characters engaging in multimillion dollar deals and making tactical business moves that could change the fate of their company forever. It drives you to the point that you really want to see what happens next. If only historians could interview people like Napoleon, we could have much more interesting history books for our children.
One thing this book makes clear, if you are making money you will be sued. I wonder how much of the court system has caught up with the technology these days. It is also amazing to know how quickly these game designers became rich. The growth of the industry is quite amazing. Today video games make more than movies. I especially enjoyed hearing the back story behind all the games I had played as a kid. With each title that was mentioned, I was brought back to times in my life and places I use to go to play video games. It's a fun read...Enjoy.

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