Set up Squirrel to connect to a MySQL database.

We are assuming you have already installed Squirrel
In order to set up Squirrel Database Client to connect to a MySQL database you must:

2.) select your platform, if you are running it on the JVM then choose platform independent
3.) Choose a zip or tar file - zip if you are on Windows/Mac or tar if you are on Linux/Mac
4.) Download the drivier
5.) Unzip it into its own folder with your other installs
6.) Open Squirrel
7.) Click "Drivers" button on the upper left hand corner
8.) Select MySQL
9.) Click the "pencil" icon at the top to "Modify the selected driver..."
10.) Select "Extra Class Path" tab
11.) Go to connector folder
12.) Select the driver JAR file mysql-connector-java-5.1.23-bin.jar
13.) Select "Open"
14.) Select "List Drivers"
15.) Select "OK"
16.) Driver installation complete

Connect to MySQL database

1.) In Squirrel, click "Aliases"
2.) Click the "+" Icon "Create a new alias..."
3.) Set the following:

4.) Test the database until it connects
5.) Select "OK" and it saves it in the alias list.
6.) Select the alias and click the "Connect" icon

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